7. MikroSystemTechnik Kongress "MEMS, Mikroelektronik, Systeme"
23rd – 25th October 2017, Munich, GERMANY
This congress is the largest German-speaking event in the field of microelectronic systems and represents an important networking platform. Partner Fraunhofer IPMS is planning to contribute to this event.

ASTM D19 Meeting „Water“
26th – 28th June 2017, Denver, CO, USA
This is the second of two yearly ASTM committee meetings. QuantaRed participated in this event.

Produced Water Workshop 2017
13th – 14th June 2017, Aberdeen, UK
This event gives an overview of the latest technological and legislative developments in produced water management. QuantaRed took the opportunity and joined this workshop.

ASTM D19 Meeting „Water“
23rd – 25th January 2017, Cocoa Beach, FL, USA
The first of two yearly ASTM committee meetings was held in January 2017. Partner QuantaRed was attending this meeting, being an active member of ASTM.