The AQUARIUS project is planned to run for 36 months and subdivided into eight work packages (WP). Between those work packages there are significant dependencies and expected synergies, which are described shortly in the following:

WP1: Requirements and specifications for Online and Inline OiW analyser

This first WP is a foundation point for AQUARIUS execution. The main objective is to derive requirement definitions and specifications for the system, as well as sub-systems and modules.  

WP2: Broadband tunable MIR laser source for spectroscopy

WP2 will provide a miniaturized mid-infrared quantum cascade laser (QCL) module based on an external cavity scheme. The spectral coverage of the laser will be optimized for OiW detection. The focus of this WP will be the design, growth and processing of quantum cascade lasers and optical components for fast spectral scanning within the mid-infrared range.

WP3: Broadband MIR laser spectrometer

WP3 covers the development of a high-speed mid-infrared spectrometer for transmission and attenuated total reflection spectroscopy of OiW samples. The spectrometer will combine the QCL developed in WP2, an ultra-sensitive MCT detector and further components which are necessary to synchronize the laser operation and enable high-speed spectral scans.

WP4: Inline OiW spectroscopy with functionalized sensor

In WP4 a compact demonstrator of a sensing system for fast and direct (inline) mid-IR spectroscopic measurement of liquids shall be developed and optimized for determination of the parameter OiW.

WP5: Online OiW analyser by automatic extractor for hydrocarbons in water

In this work package a system for enhanced online OiW analysis will be designed and developed towards a concept prototype. This task will comprise both, the development of new modules, i.e. an online extractor module and an online transmission spectroscopy module, and the integration of these modules with the broadband MIR laser spectrometer sub-system from WP3 into the final online OiW analyser.

WP6: Validation and assessment of MIR water analysers

This WP will perform validation and assessment of the online and inline OiW analysers. The systems will be tested against the requirement definitions from WP1. This will be done at different stages of development, after availability of the extraction module and with the final analyser systems.

WP7: Dissemination, communication, Exploitation and Standardisation

This WP obtains input from other WPs, focusing on scientific research and ensures the communication and dissemination of results achieved within the single WPs to the outside parties, as well as to participating entities. WP7 will further support the partners to exploit the achieved results and impact the European and international market. The ethical and societal impact of the project will be closely monitored and reported on.

WP8: Project, Risk and Innovation Management

WP8 will interact with all other WPs in order to ensure a successful project lifetime with respect to risk and innovation management. WP8 shows dependencies to all other WPs, as it coordinates and ensures that the tasks are in line with the project work plan. Furthermore it performs scientific coordination as well, in order to reach the common goal of AQUARIUS.